Series of the New Year's interviews on was added with the conversation of the Chief Editor Viktor Gostishchev and talented singer, actress Elena Romanova. Elena has not only very effective appearance, but also an unforgettable voice. Elena was a participant of “The Voice” vocal TV show. Her rich repertoire contains both “golden” hits of Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, and modern songs as well. The singer works with musicians from America, Sweden and Great Britain. In addition, Elena Romanova is an artist of the "Gradsky Hall" theatre.

Despite the objective problems, 2018 brings out a lot of positive emotions for most of my interlocutors. Can you briefly sum up 2018 personally for you?

I always try to articulate my wishes and desires. I have saved up my new life baggage in a harmonious, not fussy pace, with pleasure, without haste and crazy rhythm, which so often simply creates the “effect of rapid activity”.

What are the advantages of such rhythm?

It’s needed in order to “get involved” as effectively as possible in myself, in the realization of what I really want, how and why. It was absolutely necessary for me to enter the new life stage with the creative material that I would certainly want to share with the world.

Express the last year in one sentence?

This year was a year of knowing my inner world. And as for the personal achievements I want to note the creation of the first author's song in Russian and work with a powerful, talented team of professionals!

What are the main advantages of 2018?

Most of all I was pleased with the new and very significant people for me in the creative sphere of my life. Faith, sincere support and talent of each of them in their own way inspire me to completely unexpected turns. That’s why I get into courage and can no longer stop!

And what about minuses?

There is no grief; everything that happens is the need of the universe. Sometimes a fierce search for the right decision can cost us more than a mistake that we are so afraid to make!

Let’s talk about novelties in your cosmetics bag

I can confidently call 2018 as the most "perfumery" year of my life! This year I was presented so many fantastic flavors! Of course, I shared many gifts with my relatives, but some perfumes I left in my own cosmetics bag. Visa de Robert Piguet, No1 by Clive Christian and Easy for Ecstasy by Philly & Phill became my favorite ones.

It’s hard to imagine Elena Romanova without a bright lipstick ...

Chantecaille is a cosmetic line, which I have discovered for myself last year. Most of all I like their red lipstick Lip Chic.

What journey in 2018 left you indelible impressions?

In 2018 I had one of the most exciting trips to Austria and Germany. The week of absolute relaxation in terms of emotions and impressions turned out to be a fairy tale between two countries in the company of the most loved people. We stopped in the mountains near Salzburg, in the south-east of Bavaria, visited unique places of beauty and significance: Obersalzberg, Berchtesgaden and the most beautiful lake in Europe Königssee that is surrounded by magical mountains. Alpine landscape is incomparable! For a moment, standing near the old medieval church of St. Bartholomew on the island in the middle of lake, it seemed to me that in previous life I lived just in such place. It was so comfortable and cozy in that place, understandable and familiar ...

We are all very different, but the New Year for all of us is a time to make wishes. What wishe should not be forgotten during the chime of bells of the Spasskaya Tower?

Be happy! In such unattainable and abstract word "happiness" all human benefits are hidden; after all, not always making a concrete tangible wish, we become happy after its fulfillment.

What do you want to wish all readers of the in 2019?

My main wish is to believe in yourself and the power of your dreams. Do not be afraid of your desires that will make you happy, define super-tasks, and dream aloud. Because no one will remember you for your thoughts, even the Universe, thus let it do its magic!


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